Fire Hydrant Flushing & Testing Schedule

Clarksville Gas and Water is committed to delivering the safest and highest quality of water to your tap each and every time you turn it on and our Fire Hydrant Flushing Program is one of several processes designed to help us meet that commitment. Thank you for your cooperation as we do the important and necessary job of maintaining the integrity of our water system in order to continue delivering safe and high water quality to your home!

Clarksville Fire and Rescue personnel also flush and test all fire hydrants annually in the spring or early summer. A schedule will be posted here when flushing and testing begins.

Learn more about the City’s annual flushing and testing program (PDF).

About Flushing

Fire hydrant flushing is a routine maintenance process where hydrants are turned on to allow water to flow for several hours. Flushing is necessary to remove sediment and iron compounds from water mains and to circulate the water to help prevent stagnant water problems from developing. Throughout the year, you may notice water running along the street where water department personnel are flushing hydrants. Hydrants are often left unattended, but don’t be alarmed; personnel will return to turn them off once the flushing process is finished.

A list of scheduled hydrant flushing and testing is maintained on this web page and will be routinely updated. Please check this list often to learn if hydrant flushing is scheduled in your neighborhood. If you notice a leaking hydrant not on the schedule it may in fact need repair. Please report it to our customer service department at 931-645-7400.

Water Discoloration

It’s also important to know that residents in the immediate vicinity of hydrant flushing may experience temporary discoloration of their water. The discoloration consists primarily of harmless silt and air and does not affect the safety of the water. If you experience discoloration in your water after hydrant flushing in your neighborhood, clear the pipes in your home by running all water faucets for a few minutes.

Citywide Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing & Testing by Fire & Rescue Personnel 2020

Date   Street Name Street Name Subdivision / Area
FRI 6/26 Tiny Town Rd area Needmore Rd area  
FRI 6/05 Copeland Rd Arbor St Birchwood
FR 6/05 Old Farmers Rd Denton Ct  
FRI 6/05 Trenton Rd Tracy Ln Whitetail Ridge
WED 6/03 Bellshire Dr & vicinity Ellsworth Dr Bellshire
WED 6/03 Coyote Ct   Ballygar
WED 6/03 Timberline Way Grassmire Dr Northpark
WED 6/03 Ranch Hill   Ranch Hill subdivision
WED 6/03 Brentwood Cir   Brentwood
WED 6/03 Walker Cir Dover Rd Belmont Heights
WED 6/03 Wilma Rudolph Blvd area 101st Pkwy  
WED 6/03 Trenton Rd Corporate Dr State Garage Ln
TUES 6/01 Collier Rd & vicinity   Bellegrade MHP
TUES 6/01 Melinda Dr Morrison Dr to Charlemagne Morrison Estates
TUES 6/01 Russellville Pike Heritage Dr & vicinity  
TUES 6/01 Rudolphtown Memorial Dr  
TUES 6/01 Rushton Ln   Rushton
TUES 6/01 Richaven Rd Anderson Rd  
TUES 6/01 Red Coat Run   Seventy Six Esates
TUES 6/02 Dunbar Cave Rd, Rossview Rd to Basham Ln Barnhill Rd Dunbar subdivision
TUES 6/02   Kenwood Dr Basham Estates
FRI 5/29 Union Hall Rd & vicinity    
THURS 5/28 Richview Rd Gaylewood Dr Barksdale School area
THURS 5/28 Whitehall Dr Brook Mead Dr Whitehall
THURS 5/28 Ishee Dr Banister Dr Castlerock Dr in Ringgold Estates
THURS 5/28 Tiny Town Rd Tobacco Rd Sunset Meadows
THURS 5/28 Merchants Blvd Wilma Rudolph Blvd Rossview Rd & vicinity
WED 5/27 Pond Apple Rd Stonemeadow Rd Rudolphtown
TUES 5/26 Nicole Rd Needmore Rd Thrush Dr & vicinity
TUES 5/26 Purple Heart Pkwy R S Bradley Blvd & vicinity  
TUES 5/26 Oakland Rd Meriwether Rd & vicinity  
FRI 5/22 Keysburg Rd   Page Estates
FRI 5/22 Exeter Ln area   Somerset Estates
FRI 5/22 Warfield Blvd, Stonehedge to Rossview Rd area    
FRI 5/22 Warfield Blvd Swan Lake Village area  
FRI 5/22 Auburn Dr Teresa Dr  
FRI 5/22 Alfred Dr area Richview Rd  area Oak Hills. & Indian Hills
FRI 5/22 McClardy Rd Britton Springs Rd area  
FRI 5/22 Virginia Hills Somerset Estates Ellington Gait
FRI 5/22 Summerhaven Dr Tobacco Rd Princeton Cir area
THURS 5/20 Townsend Way Townsend Court area Townsend Condos
THURS 5/20 Athletic Blvd   Petsmart area off Wilma Rudolph Blvd
THURS 5/20 Wilson Green Way Turnberry Circle Wilson Green area
THURS 5/20 W Regent Dr E Regent Dr  
THURS 5/20 Hwy 41A Bypass, Appleton's to Queen's Bluff Way Old Ashland City Rd Old Ashland City Rd area
THURS 5/20 Wilma Rudolph Blvd & Dunbar Cave Rd area    
TUES 5/19 Warfield Blvd from Rivermont Dr to Dunbar Cavd Rd & area   Warfield Blvd area
THURS 5/20 Basham Ln Sweetbriar Dr Basham Estates
THURS 5/20 Wellington Dr Rossview Rd area Basham Estates
THURS 5/20 New England Pl Hillshire Dr Colony Estates
THURS 5/20 Powell Rd E & W Accipiter Cir Powell Rd area
THURS 5/20 Madison St Hillcrest Cir Malibu Dr
THURS 5/20 Landrum Pl Clearview Dr W Meadow Dr area
THURS 5/20 Dover Rd, Convergys area    
TUES 5/19 Highway 41A Shady Maple Dr area Welchview
TUES 5/19 Dover Rd Donna Dr Shelton Estates area
TUES 5/19 Peachers Mill Rd ara Buchanon Dr Peachtree
TUES 5/19 Harding Dr Eva Dr Britton Springs Rd
TUES 5/19 Pembroke Rd Oak Park Dr Pembrook Pl area
TUES 5/19 Trenton Rd Eagles Bluff Dr Eagles Bluff
TUES 5/19 Rossview Rd Potomac Dr Virginia Hills
TUES 5/19 Courtland Ave   Monticello
MON 5/18 Tiny Town Rd from Ft. Campbell Blvd to Pembroke Rd Tiny Town Rd from Outlaw Field Rd to Jack Miller Blvd Ft. Campbell Blvd near Tiny Town Rd
FRI 5/15 Trelawny Dr area Longwood Ct Savannah West
FRI 5/15 Highway 12 area Cloud Dr area Lucy Ln area
FRI 5/15 E Old Ashland City Rd area    
FRI 5/15 Glenstone Blvd area   Glenstone
FRI 5/15 High Point Rd area    
FRI 5/15 Madison St Publix area Tangle wood to Haynes
FRI 5/15 Durrett Dr Green Acres Dr area  
FRI 5/15 Pendleton Dr area Oakmont Dr area Fox Trot Dr area
FRI 5/15 Peterson Ln area    
FRI 5/15 Valley Rd Haynes St Memorial Dr area
FRI 5/15 Channing Place Hill rest Dr  
FRI  5/15 Mr C Drive Wilma Rudolph Blvd Governor’s Square Mall area
THURS 5/14 Cunningham Ln Appleton Dr Belle Forest
THURS 5/14 Trenton Rd Needmore Rd Autumn Creel
THURS 5/14 Treeland Dr Union Hall Rd Forest Hills
THURS 5/14 N Whitfield Rd & area W Allen Griffey Rd & area  
THURS 5/14 Elkmont Dr   Sugartree
THURS 5/14 Cedar Springs Cir Syndey Louise Dr & area Cedar Springs
THURS 5/14 Ft. Campbell Blvd. (Airport Rd to Sherwood Hills Dr Sherwood Hills area Cranklen Cir area / Miller Estates
WED 5/13 None Reported    
TUES 5/12 State Line Rd Durrett Dr  
TUES 5/12 Arvin Dr Fox Meadow Way Fox Meadow
TUES 5/12 Peterson Lane   West Creek
TUES 5/12     Savannah Trace area
TUES 5/12 Tylertown Rd   Sage Meadow
MON 5/11 West Creek Coyote Trail Off Peachers Mill Rd.
MON 5/11 Henry Place Blvd   West Creek Farms
MON 5/11 Needmore Rd Needless Dr Areas north of Needmore Rd
MON 5/11 Centerstone Cir Arthur's Ct Centerstone Village
MON 5/11 Applegrove Cir   Applegrove
MON 5/11 Tobacco Rd   Creekside Estates
MON 5/11 Nottingham Pl Kings Deer Ct Sherwood Forest
MON 5/11 Nussbaumer Rd    
MON 5/11 Wild Fern Ln   Woodland Springs
MON 5/11 Viewmont Dr Areas off Trenton Rd Creekview Village
MON 5/11 Aspen Grove Way Winding Bluff Way Aspen Grove
MON 5/11 College St area 8th St to Kraft St  
MOM 5/11 Kraft St N Riverside Dr   
MON 5/11 Tylertown Rd   Tylertown area
MON 5/11 Evans Rd Andrew Dr North of Ft. Campbell Blvd &
        101st Pkwy to Britton Spgs
MON 5/11 Shady Ln   Britton Springs area
MON 5/11 Peggy Dr   Ringgold Acres
MON 5/11 Armistead Dr W Concord Dr South Haven
MON 5/11 Haven Dr   South Haven area
MON 5/11 Memorial Dr   Ussery to Richview Rd area

GAS & WATER AUTOMATIC Fire Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Street Name Start Time Flushing Time
Webb Road 1 AM 60 MIN
Norwood Terrace 1 AM 60 MIN
Kennedy Lane 1 AM 120 MIN
Harper Road 1 AM 30 MIN
Sale Road 1 AM 60 MIN
Hampton Station Road 1 AM 60 MIN
Clear Springs Road 1 AM 60 MIN
Gholson Road 1 AM 60 MIN
Kay Road 1 AM 90 MIN
Sadlersville Road 1 AM 60 MIN
Laura Drive 1 AM 90 MIN
Hadley Drive 1 AM 60 MIN
Stone Container Drive 1 AM 30 MIN
Guthrie Road 1 AM 30 MIN
Al Carter Road 1 AM 60 MIN
Pondywood Road 1 AM 30 MIN
Dover Road 1 AM 180 MIN
Stonegate Drive 1 AM 120 MIN
Lafayette Drive 1 AM 120 MIN
Zachary Drive 1 AM 120 MIN
Dover Road 1 AM 60 MIN
Memory Lane 1 AM 30 MIN
Fairway Drive 1 AM 30 MIN