Code Enforcement

Codes Enforcement Division is responsible for initially issuing applicable codes and ordinances dealing with environmental issues. TheHouse with tall grass in front of it codes enforcement division is responsible for issuing notices and enforcing city ordinances.

Make a Complaint

All complaints received are addressed within two business days. They are addressed and citizens are given a time frame to comply. Once the case is in compliance we close it out, however, if no progress has been made, depending on the violation, we either turn the case over to our abatement division or further action may follow with court proceedings. Our most common violations include tall grass, trash/debris, inoperable vehicles, and parking on an approved surface, along with many others.

If you would like to file a complaint, please click the following link :  Online Request

RentersHouse with maintained yard

Anyone renting a property within the city limits, who are having issues inside the property and cannot get the landlord/property management company to correct the issue, you can file a complaint with our office. You can do so online by filling out the online Housing Inspection Request Form or by coming into our office. You will need to bring all of the following documents before being able to file your complaint:

  1.  A Photo I.D. 
  2. A copy of your rental/lease agreement
  3. A copy of your most recent rental payment.

Domesticated Hens

Domesticated hen applications can be printed here or found in our office. Depending on zoning some citizens can have a limited number of hens on their property. Please view the Hen Application and Packet (PDF) for more information. Please call our office for any questions or concerns.


Applications for fireworks sales can be found at this link.  This process involves the City of Clarksville Finance Office, as well as the Clarksville Fire Department and various State of Tennessee entities.  Please follow all instructions on the application.

Yard Sales

Within the City of Clarksville a resident can host two yard sales per year, each sale not to exceed three consecutive days in length. Permits are required and are free of charge. Permits must be submitted prior to the sale.  Online Yard Sale Permit

Swimming Pools

We all know summers in Tennessee are hot! Swimming pools do become a safety concern for a lot of citizens. Anyone thinking of installing a pool is required to get a placement permit within our office. For information regarding swimming pools and placement of pools, spas, or hot tubs please check out our Swimming Pool Regulations (PDF).


We do not permit fences unless they exceed 6ft in height, however when a fence is installed there are certain requirements pertaining Codes Enforcement Top 10 Common Code Violationsto where they are placed in a residents property. Mostly for adjoining property owners safety. The following link will provide information on height requirements and setbacks for fences. View the Fence Requirements (PDF).


Anyone interested in Beekeeping Regulations (PDF) please check out the link provided. Read through our city ordinance and Tennessee Department of Agriculture regulations pertaining to beekeeping. The following links are also helpful for more information: